What is Paid Tipster?
Paid Tipster provides betting tips on top sports events.

Is all statistics on site verified?
We are completely transparent about our betting tips. All statistics are 100% verified, every match, without exception, can be checked on Blogabet. Look at our past predictions, analyze it however you want and make sure they do not come from random distribution.

Which bookmakers/betting platform should I use?
We strongly recommend Sportmarket. Sportmarket is a professional and reliable sport brokerage platform with multiple bookmakers to choose from. That’s how the best odds are always guaranteed without almost any stake limits. Plus, winners are never restricted!

Is it possible to make a living from sports betting?
YES you can make a living from sports betting, and it would involve identifying value bets and backing them.It will take a long time until you actually start winning from sports betting. You should learn to be patient enough in order to bear the losses at the beginning. That is the point where most bettors ruin and quit betting, leaving the potential of the market revenues to the other well-prepared and experienced bettors. If you stick to several rules and tips in regards to proper bank management, wise and reasonable stakes…, then you are on the right way to start living from sport betting.

How much should I expect to make using your tips?
You stake $1 a game...you can earn over $400 a year...
You stake $10 a game...you can earn over $4,000 a year...
You stake $100 a game...you can earn over $40,000 a year...

More questions?
Please contact us and we will answer ASAP!

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