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Football Prediction
League Two
Crewe Alexandra v Doncaster
🄣 Doncaster (1x2) @ 2.4
0:2 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Serie A
Roma v Juventus
🄣 Draw (1x2) @ 3.13
1:1 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Swiss Super League
Yverdon v Lausanne
🄣 Yverdon (AH 0) @ 2.6
3:1 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Atlanta v Minnesota
🄣 Minnesota (AH 0) @ 3.26
1:2 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Orlando City v Cincinnati
🄣 Cincinnati (AH 0) @ 2.56
0:1 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
D.C. United v Philadelphia
🄣 Draw (1x2) @ 3.45
2:2 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Jupiler Pro League
Cercle Brugge v Genk
🄣 Cercle Brugge (1X2) @ 2.47
4:1 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Levanger v Sogndal
🄣 Draw (1x2) @ 3.8
0:0 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Ecuador Serie B
9 de Octubre v Independiente
🄣 Draw (1x2) @ 3.2
0:0 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Europa League
Marseille v Atalanta
🄣 Yes (BTTS & Draw) @ 4.33
1:1 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Leumit League
Maccabi H v Hapoel Nir
🄣 Draw (1x2) @ 3.57
1:1 Win ⟩

Who are cappers, also known as tipsters, in sports betting?

Cuppers, or tipsters, are people who give advice and recommendations on what bets to place on various sports games. They have expertise in a particular sport or multiple sports and make their predictions based on careful analysis and research.

How do cappers determine their betting tips?

Cappers analyze many factors such as team and player statistics, their recent form, match results, injury information and even factors such as weather and pitch conditions. Their predictions are based on this comprehensive analysis.

Can I trust the advice of cappers?

While many cappers have good track records, it is important to remember that there are no guarantees in sports betting. Even the most knowledgeable tipsters can make incorrect predictions. Always do your own research and never bet more than you are willing to lose.

Are there free and paid cappers? What is the difference?

Yes, there are both free and paid cappers. Free tipsters give advice for free, often making money from advertising. Paid tipsters charge for their advice, often through a subscription, and may offer more in-depth analysis or exclusive tips.

Is it worth following the best free cappers?

It can be beneficial to follow free tipsters who have a long betting history and use a trustworthy platform. It's important to know that free tipster picks have a downside.

It is possible for a tipster with a large following to have a significant impact on odds movements if he correctly predicts matches for free.

You won't win long-term by following these free tipsters and following their picks, since the odds at bookies won't let you win. The long-term chances of winning will be reduced if you take low odds with a large bookmaker profit margin on free tipsters' tips.

Paid tipsters: are they worth it?

It's possible to make money following paid tipsters, provided you use the right staking system and you bet at the same or higher odds as your tipster.

You have a significant advantage over most players when you use paid tipsters because their following is much smaller than free tipsters and their tips do not have a significant impact on the odds. It does not guarantee that following them will make you money in the long run, however.

Follow paid tipsters only on betting platforms that accept only verified paid tipsters. There is almost 100% probability of failure when following paid tipsters on Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter groups.

Tipsters: How Do You Identify A Good One?

How to limit yourself from scammers and choose cappers you can trust? Use our selection criteria:
  1. Full information about the tipster's statistics should be made public. You should not trust self-written statistics compiled in an Excel spreadsheet. If the tipster has nothing to hide, he will open an account on a reputable verifier site, where he can see the average number of bets per month, ROI, stacking system, bet examples, and reviews of the capper.
  2. Successful cappers must have a long and predictable betting history. A high ROI and a distance of ten bets is inferior to a lower ROI at a distance of five hundred bets. The predictability of history implies that the capper correctly reacts to drawdowns and series of wins, adheres to the stack system, and does not win back.
  3. The opportunity to place a bet at a bookmaker's office according to the prediction. High win rate, ROI, excellent statistics - all this is meaningless if you cannot take a prediction and put the amount you planned on it with the odds indicated in the prediction.

    For popular professional cappers, the odds drop after the prediction is released. The best cappers give predictions for unpopular markets, which are available in a limited number of bookmakers.

    The maximums according to such predictions are not the highest. But with all this, if the client cannot repeat the tipster’s statistics, there is no point in subscribing to such a tipster.

  4. Use several of the best tipsters. Even the most profitable tipster will face a series of failures. This will have a painful impact on your well-being. Subscribing to several successful cappers will allow you to compensate for the failures of one with the successes of another.

Why do they sell sports predictions?

Each of you has probably come across advertisements for the sale of sports predictions. People offer to buy information from them for a fee.

Have you ever wondered why they do this? Let’s leave out the scammers and swindlers, and let’s figure out why those who really know how to make them and make money on bets sell betting tips.


Players who devote all their time and labor to searching for events on which they can place accurate sports bets are professional cappers.

Their predictions are valued due to the analytical and painstaking work they do and the collection of statistical data. It is impossible to say exactly how much cappers earn.

It is worth noting that experts are primarily interested not in wages, but in recognition by the public and the high passability of predictions.

The better the reputation of a person who wants to become a capper, the more potential clients he has who are willing to pay money for match predictions.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Paid Tipster provides paid betting tips on top sports events.

Each and every match is verified on Blogabet without exception, and all statistics are 100% accurate. Check out our past predictions, analyze them however you like and make sure they do not come from random distribution.

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Our service is subscription-based. A 30-day subscription costs €199.

Yes, of course. If a subscription does not produce profits after 30 days, it will be extended for another 30 days free of charge. After receiving the extension, you will have 72 hours to decide whether to use it or request a refund. If you do not request a refund by the deadline, you will be deemed to have accepted the free extension and a refund will not be possible.