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Basketball Betting Tips

Basketball Prediction
1. Liga ZBL Women Tip ZBL Women Prediction
SKB Zlin v Polabi
🄣 SKB Zlin @ 8
92:91 Win ⟩
Basketball Prediction
NBA ൹ 09 Jan 02:00, GMT +2
🄣 CHA (AH +7.5) @ 1.739
112:119 Win ⟩
Basketball Prediction
ZBL Women ൹ 14 Dec 19:00, GMT +2 ZBL Women Tip ZBL Women Prediction
Slovanka v Hradec Kralove
🄣 Slovanka @ 7.5
97:82 Win ⟩
Basketball Prediction
Top Division 1 ൹ 02 Dec 21:00, GMT +2 Top Division 1 Tip Top Division 1 Prediction
Royal IV v Oxaco Boechout
🄣 Oxaco Boechout @ 15
63:68 Win ⟩

Who to bet on?

NBA, Euroleague, VTB United League are the most popular basketball championships. If you like to bet on lesser-known tournaments, the national championships of Spain, Greece or Italy are suitable options.

Advantages of betting on basketball

High betting limits on the NBA. The vast majority of large bettors place bets on the NBA, including the lion's share of US players who traditionally place large bets. In pursuit of this traffic, the best bookmakers try to create the most comfortable conditions for basketball betters, offering generous betting limits on the main outcomes, as well as handicap and total.

Low margins on the NBA. The same competition between bookmakers in the fight for the largest players has become the reason that in almost all the leading bookmakers in the world, the margin on NBA matches is less than on all other competitions and sports offered in the line.

Regularity of games. The fact that most basketball teams play from 2 to 4 matches a week makes this sport the most attractive for statistics lovers in calculations - the sample of analyzed matches turns out to be very solid and allows you to make fairly accurate predictions for the NBA. In addition, the NBA is often the only competition on which you can bet on any day, including holidays - even on December 31 and January 1, at least 2-3 matches are always played in this league.

Types of bets

Main outcomes

The number of main outcomes offered for a basketball game depends on which bookmaker you play with. Some bookmakers open 3 main outcomes: W1, X and W2, adding a victory including overtime, while others offer only 2 outcomes – W1 and W2 (this means that in the event of a draw, the winner will be determined in overtime).


A handicap in basketball shows the final difference in the score in favor of one of the teams. You are required to guess whether it will be greater or less than the specified value. For example, if you bet on a team with a handicap (-3.5), you need it to win by at least 4 points. And if you bet on it with a handicap (+3.5), you would be rooting for this team to lose by no more than 3 points.


Total is a type of bet in which you have to predict whether the final result of the game will be more or less than the proposed value. Almost always the odds for “over” and “under” are the same. Totals, like handicaps, can be purchased, both up and down. The dynamics of changes in odds in this case are most often similar to the dynamics of changes in handicap odds.

Pre-match analytics

Pre-match analysis of basketball matches is somewhat simpler than analysis of football matches, since the rosters of basketball teams are 2-3 times smaller, and the teams play twice as often, so there is always plenty of information about the opponents.

So, what does basketball game analytics include?

Don't forget to check out the results of each team's last 4-5 matches. Pay special attention to the statistics of home and away matches: basketball is a sport in which the home court factor is extremely important, and sometimes even decisive, so when analyzing statistics, evaluate home and away matches separately.

Basketball predictions from Paid Tipster

We publish only high quality basketball betting tips. Our website experts predict not only the outcome of basketball matches, but also give bets on totals, individual totals of teams and players. In this section of the site, you will find predictions for the following basketball tournaments:

FIBA World Cup. NBA. NCAA. Euroleague. EuroBasket. Eurocup. FIBA Europe Cup. Champions League. ABA League. VTB United League. Russia Superleague. Lega A. Liga ACB. Super Ligi. Australia NBL. CBA. Korisliiga. Pro B. Liga A. Energa Basket Liga. NBB. B.League. Baltic League. Prvenstvo BiH. Premijer liga. Taiwan SBL. 3x3 Liga Pro, & much more..

Experts from the analytical group of our website will provide you with quality non-stop basketball betting tips and predictions throughout the sports season. Support your favorite teams and bet with us on the matches of the great magicians of the orange ball!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Betting on the point spread is the most common way to bet on basketball. If you want to make the process as simple as possible, then the moneyline is a good choice. Basketball totals are also a simple betting option. These wagers are probably the best starting point for newcomers.

Point spreads are most commonly used when betting on basketball. Instead of betting on who will win, you bet on who will cover the spread. For you to win, a favored team needs to win by a specific margin. In the case of an underdog, your bet still wins if they lose by the margin of the spread.

Wagering on basketball spreads involves betting on the final result, including overtime. Betting on totals (over/under) is the same. If you're betting on basketball, you'll have to account for the possibility of overtime. Considering totals is especially important since overtime favors the over.