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High Odds Soccer Tips

Copa De La Liga Pro ൹ 18 Feb 22:00, GMT +2
Instituto v Independiente
🄣 Away (1st Half AH -0.5) @ 7
0:2 Win ⟩
Super League Greece 2 ൹ 18 Feb 15:00, GMT +2
Diagoras v Kalamata
🄣 Diagoras @ 13
1:0 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Primera B ൹ 17 Feb 22:00, GMT +2
Llaneros v Inter Palmira
🄣 Inter Palmira (1x2) @ 12.5
1:2 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Super League 2 ൹ 21 Jan 15:00, GMT +2
Tilikratis v Ionikos
🄣 Tilikratis (1x2) @ 11.500
3:2 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Italy Serie D ൹ 14 Jan 15:30, GMT +2
Cavese v Cassino
🄣 Cassino (HT) @ 10
0:1 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Coupe De France ൹ 06 Jan 19:00, GMT +2
Entente v Bordeaux
🄣 Entente (HT) @ 12
1:0 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Portugal U19 ൹ 16 Dec 17:00, GMT +2
Braga U19 v Maritimo U19
🄣 Maritimo U19 (DC) @ 5.5
2:2 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Combo pick ൹ 10 Dec 22:00, GMT +2
≛ Combo pick / 4 Games
🄣 Over 0.5 (1st Half) @ 6.459
W W W W ⟩
Football Prediction
Serie A ൹ 10 Dec 18:00, GMT +2
≛ Monza vs Genoa
🄣 Over 0.5 (Live) @ 2.260
1:0 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Serie C ൹ 10 Dec 15:00, GMT +2
≛ Rimini 1912 v Carrarese
🄣 Rimini 1912 (Live) @ 5.165
1:0 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Coupe de France ൹ 09 Dec 19:00, GMT +2
≛ Saint-Omer vs Epinal
🄣 Saint-Omer (HT) @ 21
1:0 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Coupe de France ൹ 09 Dec 19:00, GMT +2
≛ Saint-Philbert v Laval
🄣 Saint-Philbert (HT) @ 23
1:0 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Copa del Rey ൹ 06 Dec 17:00, GMT +2
≛ Arenteiro vs Burgos
🄣 Over 2.5 (1st Half) @ 13
1:2 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Spain LaLiga2 ൹ 03 Dec 15:00, GMT +2
≛ Andorra v Huesca
🄣 Over 0.5 (Live) @ 4.299
1:0 Win ⟩
Football Prediction
Algerian Ligue 2 ൹ 01 Dec 15:00, GMT +2
≛ Eulma vs Khemis
🄣 Eulma (1x2) @ 17
1:0 Win ⟩

The principle of betting on large odds

There is an opinion among players that it is impossible to make money on large odds. The chance of winning with such probabilities and odds is low, but it is not zero. Experienced bettors are not afraid of this and place bets at high odds. It is worth noting that there is no single strategy for betting. The essence of soccer betting at high odds is based on finding mathematical errors in the bookmaker’s line. In this case, the odds on the outcome will be significantly higher than the expected probability. In professional slang, such bets are often called value.

Basic strategies for betting on high odds in sports

Most of the strategies relate to soccer. Bookmakers offer a high number of possible outcomes for the most popular sport. In some matches, up to 2000 events are allocated in the line. Accordingly, finding the most profitable ones becomes easier. There are three main principles on which high odds strategies are built.

Betting on the shadow favorite

It is impossible to calculate all the probabilities, so bookmakers often make mistakes in mathematical calculations, setting odds that greatly underestimate the chances of a nominal outsider on paper. Looking at such odds, a bettor may get the impression that the favorite is significantly superior to his opponent. But this is far from true.

The strategy of large odds on shadow favorites allows you to take bets with insurance. For example, you can take handicaps and individual totals for goals. Even in this case, the coefficients will be around 2. The main problem is to find a shadow favorite. There is no clear formula on how to do this. But they adhere to several factors:

Bets on winning back the favorite in live

The simplest and most understandable strategy for high odds. Football is an unpredictable game; sometimes the underdog opens the scoring first. Then the quotes change dramatically. If before the start of the match the odds for the favorite to win were around 1.7-1.8, then if the first goal is missed in the first half, at the beginning of the second the odds for him not to lose will be around 2, and for a win it will be close to 4 . It is advisable to place bets on such matches, not only relying on statistics. You need to see what is happening on the field, that the favorite is leading the game, and a missed goal is a coincidence. The following factors should also be taken into account:

Betting on late goals in live

The most opaque and complex strategy for playing for large odds. You need to closely monitor football trends. How teams play, who scores a lot in the last minutes, due to what factors this happens. It is worth paying attention to the following matches: You should definitely follow the matches live. Bets on late goals in Live are not based on statistics. It is necessary to understand how much added time will be added to the second half and whether there are prerequisites for a late goal. You also need to place your bet before the bookmaker closes the line. If successful, you can catch odds up to 10.

Pros and cons of betting on big odds

Two advantages stand out. The first is that one bet with a high odds will bring a solid win. This will cover previous losses both financially and morally. The second is that there are quite a lot of events on which you can bet. With hundreds of football matches taking place every day, there is plenty to choose from. But there are also a lot of disadvantages:

Types of big odds

The concept of large odds differs among different bettors. But there are four main categories of “big” odds:

What events are suitable for using the strategy?

There are not many events and every year there are fewer and fewer of them. A couple of years ago, cup matches were ideal. The favorites often fielded second and one-and-a-half squads, and the odds for these matches were the same as with the main squads. However, several criteria still stand out:

How to find high odds in sports netting

There is no universal search tool. You need to follow the championships, watch the games to understand what form the teams are in. Without a detailed analysis, it is impossible to make a profitable bet at a high odds. Professionals recommend choosing one or two regular seasons and keeping an eye on them. This is the only way to track profitable trends.

Tips for beginners - what to pay attention to first of all in this betting strategy

Professional bettors recommend the following:

High odds soccer betting tips from Paid Tipster

We publish only high quality soccer betting tips. In this section of the site, you will find predictions for the following soccer tournaments: FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Championship, Copa America, Champions League, Europa League, English Premier League, Serie A, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and a whole lot more. We use a huge number of different aspects in analytics. The analysis of both one and the other team is thoroughly carried out. We consider the statistics of the teams in the games among themselves, as well as the latest games in the championship. Analyzing each opponent's game, we find a bet that has a high probability of winning. Together with our experts, we select for you the perfect bet for an upcoming soccer event, which allows you to follow our advice and make a bet without much stress.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

In the high odds strategy, odds of 3 and above are considered high.

Yes, but the player is required to have an in-depth analysis of matches and nerves of steel.

Mainly in soccer.